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About Me

Dynamic, involved
and curious

Passionate about drawings and comics, I've always wanted to give life to the characters and universe, that's why, after having studied art and graphic design, I turned to animation.

I enjoy designing the characters, scenarios, universes, either for illustration, comics, video games or animated movies. I like to immerse myself in my work, experiment and to share my ideas with a team.

Currently in: TFO Group Media (Toronto), creator of educational content and innovative cultural. Find out about SolidAnim >>

Last Work Experiences

TV / Advertising

TV Shows TFO - 3D Modeler and Level designer
(Toronto) July 2016 - Today

TV Advertising "Phantasm" Carte Noire
Second Assistant Director - (Paris) April 2016

Loin de chez nous (2016) TV Show - Motion Builder operator, SolidTrack, FX on-set
SolidAnim - (Bry sur Marne) February 2016

En apparences (2016) TV Show France Télévision - Operator SolidTrack, Visual Effects on-set
SolidAnim - (Lyon) November 2015

We are TV (2016) TV Show - Motion Capture, Solid Track, Animation 3D, Rendering
SolidAnim - (Angoulême) April/ June 2015

TV Advertising MAIF - Motion Capture
SolidAnim - (Paris) April 2015


Ghostbuster 3 (2016) - Operator SolidTrack
SolidAnim - (Boston) August - October 2015 - Trailer

Monster Call (2016) - Operator SolidTrack
SolidAnim - (Barcelone) November 2014 - Trailer

Cafard (2015) - Motion Capture facial, faceshift retouch
SolidAnim - (Paris) August 2014 - Trailer

"Welcome to Hoxford, the fan film" Short film (2011), Modelization, Props - (Paris) June 2011 - Trailer

Video Games

Video game Cyanide (2016)
Lighting/Texturing, rendering for modelization 3D for video game. SolidAnim for the studio Cyanide, (Angoulême) November 2014

Video game Long Night (Released on Steam July 2014)
2D/3D Artist, CharaDesign, Motion Design, Modelization, Animation. Trickster Face, (Bordeaux) July 2013 / July 2014 - Trailer

My skills


Animation/ Modelization / Rigging / Texturing / Lighting / Rendu


Storyboarding / Pre-production

Motion Capture

Operator Motion capture, Motion Builder, Solidtrack

Software skills

Royal Render
Premiere Pro
After Effect
RPG Maker
  • Education

    2010 / 2012 - EESA Georges Méliès (Paris, France)
    Master’s degree in Movie Animation
    >> See my graduation movie "Atronic"

    2008 / 2009 - University of Bordeaux 3 (Bordeaux, France) Bachelor’s degree of Applied Arts

    2006 / 2007 - ÉCRAN Art School (Mérignac, France)
    Associate’s degree in Visual Communication

    2005 / 2006 - ÉCRAN Art School (Mérignac, France)
    Associate’s degree in Applied Arts

  • My Resume

    >> English version >> Version française

  • Miscellaneous

    June / 2013 - Winner Short List "Chatons d’Or 2013", Paris Category : Designer Editor Advertising contest organized by WePulp
    >> Video awards

    2013 - Motion Capture Actor Video Game Long Night

    2001 / 2002 - Forum moderator on

    1992 - Video game testerStudio Kalisto

    Favorite games : Mass Effect Series, Fallout Series, Batman Arkham Asylum, City, Diablo Series, Silent Hill 1, 2, 3, Origins, Final Fantasy VI,VII, VIII,Rayman Legends, Assassin's Creed, etc

  • My design book



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    Years spent on earth

My portfolio

Download my portfolio on Charadesign

  • Charadesign

    Charadesign Long Night

    Charadesign of Dean and Dana from the video game Long Night

    View more
  • Film Atronic

    Robots Atronic

    Scene of Robots from Atronic my graduation movie

    View more
  • Werewolf

    Charadesign of man beast

    What kind of werewolf are you?

    View more
  • Hunter

    Illustration of a hunter

    Hunter for video game Long Night

    View more
  • Storyboard 300


    Storyboard for a short movie

    View more
  • Danse Atronic

    Scène from Atronic

    Dancer and robot of Atronic the movie

    View more
  • White lady

    White lady of Long Night

    Charadesign for video game long night

    View more
  • lodge

    Illustration of a lodge

    Lodge interior for video game Long Night

    View more
  • FightClub

    Disney Fight Club

    Cartoon design of Characters

    View more
  • Voodoo doll

    Illustration Video game Long Night

    Voodoo doll for Long Night

    View more
  • Storyboard


    Storyboard (Work in progress)

    View more
  • Dana

    Illustration for Long Night

    Dana character

    View more
  • Totem drawings

    Illustrations for a totem Long Night

    Native American spirit Animals drawings

    View more
  • Werepossum posters

    Fictitious posters Long Night

    Posters of the trilogy WerePossum, video game Long Night

    View more
  • Illustrations

    Character illustrations Long Night

    Characters of the video game Long Night

    View more

My Videos

  • "Si vous deviez inventer une assurance, vous la feriez comment ?"

    Making of : Advertising of MAIF insurences, in Motion Capture.

  • Teaser of the video game "Long Night" by Studio Trickster Face

    Teaser made with Photoshop and After Effect for the video game "Long Night".
    Storyboard, illustrations et mounting by Philippe Arnaud with music by Amaury Schultz.

  • Atronic the movie

    "In the near future, where men of the technology has reached its peak, two clans fight each others for the musical mastery of their environment."
    Film by Philippe Arnaud, Adrien Mechali, Quentin Max
    Vous pouvez retrouver l'ensemble des artistes et interprêtes sur

  • Demo reel - Modelization

    Modelization Atronic Robots, Assault rifle (work in progress), F117 (work in progress), Georgio

  • Walk cycle animations

    Some walk cycle animations.

  • Demo Reel Animation

    Animated music video of "Gangnam style" by Psy, animated music video of "I fink u freeky" by Die Antwoord
    animated scene of "Fight Club" by David Fincher, animated scene of "Ace Ventura en Afrique" by Steve Oedekerk
    excerpts from my graduation movie "Atronic".

  • "Georgio and the clandestine bullet"

    A mix between 3D animation, 2D and Stop Motion all relief! (anaglyph glasses recommended) Group work done in a week with Adrien Mechali, Christos Kardizis eand Quentin Max, to be used as introduction to the graduation movies.
    I made the storyboard, charadesign, Modelization of "Georgio", 2D and 3D animation, and the paper toys.

  • Modelization "Long Night" of the Studio Trickster Face

    My modeling work on the first episode of the Long Night video game.

  • Iron Fist 2D

    Charadesign and realization of 2D turn from the character of Iron Fist for Marvel comics.

  • Clay bust

    I had already modeled different characters in Fimo clay and clay, but I have not had real way to make a realistic bust. There I learned some tips with my tools and was able to reproduct my character in 2D.

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  • Animation, Texturing, Rigging
  • Charadesign, Design Graphic
  • Motion Design
  • Rendering, Lighting
  • Modelization
  • Motion Capture
  • Storyboarding, Pre-production
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